PB FINANCIAL Group Corporation is a direct private hard money lender that provides fast, flexible, asset-based lending for borrowers and/or properties that do not meet the stringent requirements of conventional underwriting guidelines.

As a direct lender, we make quick lending decisions and are able to streamline the loan process which provides a quick turn around time of your credit rating.

We provide hard cash for residential and commercial properties, corporations, limited liability corporations, Delaware corporations and 2-4 units property whether they are under probate transactions or whether owner occupied or non-owner occupied or a second home or investment with no cash-out limits.

We are an equity based lender and approve applications based on
equity and ability to repay the loan, instead of past credit and
payment history. Borrowers must only have a minimum of 40%
equity in their property. However, if there is not enough equity, we
may be able to cross collateralize the loan to another property that
you own. Ourrates are as low as 9.50% to 12.00% fixed for stated
interest or interest only rate depending on the special
circumstances relating to each property.

If you have a bad credit or under foreclosure or a current or past bankruptcy or under a notice of default, we may be able to assist you regardless of the circumstances. We offer a cash-out up to 55% for foreclosure and notice of default while 60% for No FICO or for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trust Deeds. PB Financial Group Corporation is a hard money lender you can trust and depend on. The loan programs we offer could provide the immediate financial support you need to turn around your credit ratings. It's very simple, call us today at 323-935-5555 or email us at PBroukhim@PBFinancialGrp.com

To start your loan request please download the PB Financial Group Corp loan application and fax it to 866-318-4471. Once the application is received a PB Financial Group Corp loan officer will contact and discuss your needs.
Download here:"PB Financial Group Loan Application)1003 and authorization"


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