Private Money Wholesale, CA

Whether you’re doing your first Hard Money Loan or you are an industry veteran, you’ll be pleased with our responsive account executives and strong operations team. We work together seamlessly to move your loan from submission to funding in the shortest amount of days.

PB Financial Group Corporation recognizes the importance the role brokers play in our business and we value and appreciate your decision to become part of the company. In acknowledging your worth in our business, approval as broker is not necessary before you could submit a loan scenario for review with us. Please download and fill-out the Broker’s Package and fax it to us at 866-318-4471 before documentation of the loan ensues. We also need the following Documents for complete approval:

  • PB Financial Submission Form--download form
  • 1003
  • 1008
  • Signed Borrowers Authorization
  • Credit Report
  • Completed Underwriting Submission Form

PB Financial Group Corp
6210 Wilshire Blvd #200
Los Angeles, California 90048
323-935-5555 Office
323-935-5580 Fax number

To become an approved broker please download the Broker Package: PB Financial Group Broker Package

There are many advantages to using our private money wholesale approach when funds are needed for some business purpose. Our private money wholesale is a revenue strategy that is for our corporate clients that are long standing. One of the most obvious is that the process allows the company to begin using the funds immediately. 

We are going to provide you these funds at a lower rate, and you do not have to give up your equity. One huge advantage of this type of wholesale money is that you do not have to qualify for the loan with these programs. Second, our wholesale money often involves loans with very liberal terms. is always looking to lend the money out to investors. Most of the people are always willing to pay for convenience and speed. Our private money wholesale fulfills this need in both ways. You do not need to reveal your personal information for any reason.


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